Exceptional pharmacy support for PACE organizations.

Ron’s Pharmacy has a long history providing specialized support for PACE organizations, and we are committed to the success of the PACE model of care.

Our pharmacy provides the technologically-advanced medication management solutions to help increase the efficiency of your care teams and ensure that participants receive the right medications at the right time.

Offering tailored delivery options, easy emergency medication access, PDE creation and submission, comprehensive PBM services, and robust reporting and data capabilities, it is easy to understand why more PACE programs choose Ron’s, a member of the Guardian family, as their PACE pharmacy.

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Discover the benefits of a Guardian partnership for your PACE organization.

Service Support

  • Regular & Emergency Deliveries
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Onsite Clinics (Flu, COVID-19) and Other Ancillary Services

Business Support

  • Local Dedicated Pharmacy Liaison
  • Care Team Education & Events
  • Custom Financial Compliance Reporting
  • GuardianShield: Actionable Data Reports
  • Comprehensive PBM Services Available

Medication & Resident Support

  • Custom Medication Management Strategies
  • Smart Medication Packaging
  • Interface with E-prescribing
  • eMAR/EHR Integration
  • Insurance Optimization
  • Med-D and B Guidance & Management
  • Med-D Audit Support
  • Prescription Drug Event (PDE) Creation and Submission
  • Prescription Coordination Across Physicians
  • Admin & Billing Support

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