Exceptional Customer Service
We always answer our phone at Ron’s Pharmacy Services. Our customers can reach a qualified representative 24/7, including holidays. We are here to give your staff complete support so that your nurses and staff can enjoy calling the pharmacy again! We guarantee they will receive answers, not frustration.

Reliable Dispensing
Each order is checked for accuracy and every prescription fulfillment is triple checked for proper medication and dose.

Timely Delivery
Ron’s Pharmacy Services employs a courier service with which Ron’s has worked closely for many years. The stability of the courier staff insures that the delivery personnel coming into your facility have been properly trained and will quickly become familiar with your facility and staff. Additionally, Ron’s has in-house personnel capable of making STAT runs, when required.

Billing Accuracy
Our expert billing staff is dedicated to obtaining P.A’s and T.A.R’s. We take the time to do billing right the first time – your residents and their families will thank you.

Come See For Yourself!
We’d love for you to take a tour of our pharmacy and meet our staff! Call (858) 652-6900 or email us at to schedule a visit.

Contact and Pharmacy Hours

Toll Free: 866-551-8280
Fax: 877-595-7208
7:30 AM TO 11 PM
Monday - Sunday
Open on Holidays

Find Us

10140 Barnes Canyon Road
San Diego, CA 92121