Ordering Medications & Medication Delivery

New orders will be delivered same day as ordered.

INDICATE TIME medications are required-the nurse should agree on a time of delivery with the pharmacist-avoid terminology like “ASAP” so that the facility and the pharmacy have the same expectation and can work together to meet the resident’s needs.

ALWAYS INCLUDE DIAGNOSIS AND INDICATION FOR USE -  This will help eliminate potential for errors.

Traffic is unavoidable and may sometimes influence delivery times (accidents-weather- rush hour).

FAX orders whenever possible – This will eliminate confusion and save nursing and pharmacist time. Nursing can also FAX face sheet for new admissions along with orders-clarifying billing status for the resident. This will also provide additional time for the pharmacist to give the nurse adequate time for any critical issues.

Refill orders will be delivered by the next day.

FAX refill sheets - This eliminates need for copy for check-in.

REORDER before the supply is exhausted. You can request an increase or decrease in quantity as needed.


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