Ron’s attends CA Licensing and Certification RAP Session

On April 27th, 2017, Ron’s Pharmacy continued its involvement with the annual California Department of Public Health Services Licensing and Certification RAP Session.


Our booth, as part of the Trade Show, was an excellent way to network with state inspectors and facility administration.  In addition, the topics discussed allowed us to stay up to date with regulations and programs intended to improve the safety and quality of lives for residents we provide our services to.

A subject which has sparked great interest was the “Music and Memory program.”  In conjunction with California Association of Health Facilities, iPod shuffles are given to certified nursing homes who apply for use.

This non-pharmacological intervention could have immensely positive effects, especially in those with Dementia.  The power of music has shown to help mood, emotion, wakefulness, appetite, pain, and the list goes on and on.

Bringing some residents to tears of joy, technology can deliver individualized personalized playlists directly to their ears, which in turn could reduce the need of psychotropic medication use.

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