Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants cannot obtain consent for Antipsychotic Meds

Therefore cannot initiate or increase orders for Antipsychotic meds

The Law: the statute that defines scope of practice for NP prescribing is codified in Business and Professions Code Section 2836.1; for PAs Business and Professions Code Section 3502 defines delegation of prescribing authority by a physician and surgeon.

The Law: in the SNF setting, H&SC § 1418.9 Order of antipsychotic medication; duties of attending physician and surgeon or resident; informed consent; notification requirements stipulates a physician and surgeon must obtain antipsychotic informed consent.

Interpretation: both NPs and PAs have within their scope of practice authority to prescribe antipsychotic medications as part of a standardized procedure or protocol developed and approved by the supervising physician and surgeon. However while an NP or PA can write an order for an antipsychotic medication, in the SNF setting, they are not authorized to obtain consent from the resident or their responsible party and since antipsychotic meds cannot be initiated unless an informed consent has been obtained, it therefore implies that orders for antipsychotic meds written or given by NP’s or PA’s in actuality cannot be processed or initiated due to their lack of authority to obtain consent.

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